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Native Healthcare Leadership Institute

We need leaders who are visionary, motivating and empowering to lead over teams into this new future. In partnership with VisionBound International, we are bringing a very powerful virtual leadership institute to your teams that will accelerate your success this coming year by instilling inspiring leadership at all levels. This program does that, in just an hour or so a week for each of the twelve topics. We will work with you to customize training to meet your needs and budgets.


Getting Your Board on Board – Developing High Performing Boards

The highest-functioning boards that govern the best-performing organizations have a strong united culture. We provide tools for the CEO and Board to work in the same direction with the best interest of stakeholders as a key-driving factor. We review the role of the Board Chairman in setting the tone for the rest of the boardroom and in helping bridge any conflicts, as well nurture the relationship with the CEO. The Board of Directors is fundamentally a team and as such it is important that the Directors bring various types of relevant experience, expertise, diversity, and independence to the group. The result will be directors understanding and committed to working well together, asking tough questions, being actively involved in developing organizational strategy, and acting on behalf of their community.

Nurse Leadership Development

Nurses are serving in the highest of leadership roles in health care organizations, including in executive roles and governance roles on boards of directors across the health care industry. Nurse leaders bring immeasurable value, ideas, and energy to ensuring safe and quality person-and family-centered care. During the two-day session (live or virtual), we will help you address the challenges you face, so you feel equipped to lead amid the challenges we are facing. At the end of the course, you will be equipped with knowledge to advance your ‘leader as coach’ skills to be a better leader who can empower staff to be better nurses. As a follow-up we provide 3 virtual coaching sessions.

Graduate RN – Successful Transition to the Clinical Setting

Nursing is still the greatest profession. In spite of all the challenges and increased demands, it still offers rich and diverse opportunities. Where else can you be challenged every day and make an enormous impact on the lives of others? Transitioning from student nurse to professional nurse or a new nursing role can be stressful. This one-day workshop, on-site or virtual, will provide the skills and knowledge needed to maneuver from student nurse to a professional nurse or a new nursing role in the workplace. We provide practical, real-world solutions to the challenges and obstacles you will encounter during your first year as a nurse. At the end of the workshop, you leave with tools to be more adequately prepared to successfully integrate into your new role. A follow-up plan includes 3 virtual coaching sessions to assist in the transition.

Winning Loyal Customers

In collaboration with Vision Bound International In our highly successful Customers Only Want Two Things: Winning Loyalty in a Competitive World workshops, we provide practical skills on how to deliver memorable, warm, relationship building customer/patient experiences. Through this program we will inspire a culture that empowers employees to enrich the patient experience and work in greater harmony with each other.

You can also improve your organizational HCAHP/CGCAHP scores by focusing on a patient-centered culture using the tools from our one-day workshop. At the end of the workshop, you will be inspired to achieve a patient experience that generates lifetime loyalty and value for your patients.