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Trying to find ways to keep healthy despite a busy schedule? Healthy doesn’t have to be a chore! Life is busy, and we all have calendar alerts that remind us of how much we have to do, but in the interest of your long-term health, it might be time for a reset. In fact, taking time out has been scientifically proven to boost productivity and make you live longer. 

So now is a perfect time to pause, to escape the daily grind and regroup. and relax with us as you enjoy two-days of self-care and wellness topics including: mindful meditation, tai-chi, journaling, mask-making, art therapy, talking circles, and giving stress and anxiety the boot. 

Mask-Making Activities

Take time to relax and engage in a hands-on creative process in decorating a paper-mâché mask. Our 2-hour workshop begins with a brief history and the significance of masks in different cultures, and time to indulge in creating your own mask. At the end of the workshop there will be an opportunity for participants to share the story behind their mask. All materials included.


One of the most effective acts of self-care and nurturing our body, mind and spirit is through expressive journal writing. Taking the time to reflect can be healing, creative and transformational. At the end of the 2-hour session we will have the opportunity to share our stories in a talking circle and learn how journaling can release creativity, increase self-awareness, and serve as a catalyst for compassion and connection.

Holistic Self-care Skills for Women

Relax, Refresh and Rejuvenate. Take time to unplug from the demands of daily life. Join us and take home Self-Care Skills that will stimulate your mind and feel inspired with activities such as aromatherapy, energy healing, journaling, talking circle and art therapy. At the end of the gathering we hope you take away a new perspective, a sense of renewal and inspired to walk the beauty way. For live 2-day events enjoy a daily delicious lunch and a wellness bag of goodies

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