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NativeArc, LLC, is a Native American, woman-owned, small business locum tenens company focused on achieving health equity and social justice through the recruitment and retention of high-quality physicians and healthcare providers for the underserved, with a focus on rural and indigenous populations. NativeArc focuses its efforts on delivering an exceptional level of service to Title 1 and Title V Tribal Health Programs, Indian Health Service hospitals and healthcare clinics. NativeArc opts for a non-traditional approach to healthcare staffing by recruiting and retaining skilled and socially committed providers who want to serve in underserved settings, and specifically, Indian Health Service and Tribal facilities.

NativeArc is a joint venture LLC comprised of two members: the Managing Member (majority owner) is Native American Healthcare Solutions, LLC (NAHS), a  Native American, woman-owned healthcare consulting firm; the Co-Member (minority owner) is Arc Health, PBC (Arc Health), the first public benefit company formed to focus exclusively on providing the best healthcare for the underserved with a focus on Native and underserved rural communities. NAHS and Arc Health are both mission-driven, social impact companies. Together, they form NativeArc, which brings together each member’s institutional strengths and resources under the managing leadership of Ms. Vida Khow. The Arc Health leadership team provides mentorship, guidance, and expertise in locum tenens staffing. The two organizations that form the joint venture are briefly described below.

NativeArc views itself as part of the movement toward health equity for all, seeking to accompany those who believe and use their skills and passions to serve the underserved. We are the first PBC and social healthcare enterprise aligning the needs of (1) individual patients living in underserved communities, (2) clinics and hospitals seeking to provide these individuals with the best and most compassionate healthcare they deserve, and (3) those passionate and dedicated healthcare professionals who really seek to use their skills and desires to serve the underserved. Currently, we have active staffing contracts throughout the country. Since its incorporation, our company has rapidly expanded its ability to fill positions in numerous IHS/638 facilities, including hospitals and clinics in Oregon, California, and Arizona (Navajo Nation), as well as a contract with the Portland Area IHS – at customer locations in remote regions of the United States, from northern rural California to the Pacific Northwest to the southwest desert regions of Arizona and New Mexico. In 2020, Arc Health merged with Pinnacle Emergency Medical Group (PEMG), a Native American majority-owned emergency department staffing and consulting company, which since 2017 has staffed Board-certified and Board-eligible emergency medicine physicians exclusively within the Indian Health Service. Arc Health and Pinnacle Emergency Medical Group together have continuous fill rate of over 95% for initially filled sites requesting continuation of services. 

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    NativeArc Leadership 
    Ms. Vida Khow, as President of Native American Healthcare Solutions and the sole Managing Member of NativeArc, LLC, is responsible for the governance of NativeArc. This includes, but is not limited to, overseeing the overall operation of the joint venture, reviewing and approving budget performance, preparing budget projections, assuring adequate financial resources to continue operations, preparing accounting reports, and any other duties related to the operation of NativeArc. Ms. Khow is responsible for the final oversight and approval of physician placements, and the orientation and ongoing cultural trainings for providers. She has 27 years of management experience in Native

    Arc Health PBC is the first public benefit company (PBC) formed to focus exclusively on providing the best healthcare to the most underserved. At the core of Arc Health’s approach to staffing healthcare professionals is recruiting and retaining highly skilled and socially committed providers who are ready to serve in rural settings, either as an employee or contractor. Arc Health provides full benefits to its employees for long periods of deployment even as client needs change. Many of Arc Health’s providers are recent graduates from residencies and fellowships, a group that IHS facilities generally prefer to hire. Arc Health works to align the needs of patients, clinics, and providers to transform healthcare in rural underserved communities. It is the ethos of Arc Health to advance health equity, with a specific focus on underserved rural communities, particularly Tribal communities. Arc Health recognizes that its clients are the experts when it comes to addressing their clinical needs, and it adapts its approach accordingly when working with each client. Arc Health recruits and retains mission-driven clinicians who are dedicated to serving the most vulnerable. Currently, Arc Health and its subsidiary employ seven administrative staff members and employs or contracts with thirty-five full- or part-time clinicians.

    Improve Healthcare For The Native Communities

    The healthcare providers who work with NativeArc will have witnessed and gained an understanding of the impact of history, oppression, poverty, and other structural and social determinants of health on American Indian and Alaska Native communities. They will be dedicated to addressing these issues head on in their medical practice. NativeArc will support its providers in providing excellent care for Native communities by providing in-depth social and cultural training programs designed to help them effectively engage with the historical, social, and cultural context of the specific Tribe(s), patients, and communities they will serve.

    NativeArc embraces the opportunity to assist American Indian and Alaska Native communities in their self-determination and – with humility – accepts the responsibility of assisting in the efforts to improve the health and healthcare of American Indian and Alaska Native communities nationally.