Native American Healthcare Solution

Slide NativeArc Arc Health PBC is proud to announce an exciting collaboration with Native American Healthcare Solutions and its CEO, Vida Khow, to form a new and disruptive company, NativeArc, LLC.
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NativeArc, LLC

The vision of NativeArc is to serve rural and indigenous communities with respect, cultural humility, and a passion for health equity, while providing the highest quality of healthcare to improve the health of American Indians, Alaska Natives, and their communities.


NativeArc integrates Arc Health PBC’s experience implementing innovative health equity-oriented healthcare staffing models with Native American Healthcare Solutions’ powerful Indian health leadership and essential cultural wisdom and experience. NativeArc will bring highly qualified, mission-driven healthcare providers who possess exceptional clinical, administrative, and leadership skills to Indian country.

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    Ms. Khow, NativeArc’s Managing Partner, states, “On behalf of NativeArc, we are excited about this opportunity to bring the best physicians to provide high-quality health care to our Native American people. We are committed to providing this exceptional service through patient-centered, culturally sensitive, and respectful care.”

    Arc Health’s CEO, Dave Shaffer, commented, “The blending of the culture and experience of our friends at Native American Healthcare Solutions with the medical talent and social compassion of our providers at Arc Health will help improve healthcare outcomes in Native American communities throughout the country. We recognize such outcomes are long overdue and we hope our joint relationship can help, if even in some small way.”

    Improve Healthcare For The Native Communities

    The healthcare providers who work with NativeArc will have witnessed and gained an understanding of the impact of history, oppression, poverty, and other structural and social determinants of health on American Indian and Alaska Native communities. They will be dedicated to addressing these issues head on in their medical practice. NativeArc will support its providers in providing excellent care for Native communities by providing in-depth social and cultural training programs designed to help them effectively engage with the historical, social, and cultural context of the specific Tribe(s), patients, and communities they will serve.

    NativeArc embraces the opportunity to assist American Indian and Alaska Native communities in their self-determination and – with humility – accepts the responsibility of assisting in the efforts to improve the health and healthcare of American Indian and Alaska Native communities nationally.